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Coffee House Preparation

If you want to do a sound check/run through before your performance at Coffee House, I will be in the fellowship hall Friday afternoon. Feel free to stop by and practice there, and we’ll have a good time hanging out.


It’s been a great summer, and we’re gonna close it out in STYLE with our annual Summer Coffee House. Whether you’re a talented musician, dancer, comedian, or bubble maker or even an untalented musician, dancer, comedian, or bubble maker, come ready to share your talents with the youth group. The less talented you are, the more you will be remembered, so don’t deceive yourself into thinking that you have nothing to bring to the stage.

Sign ups will begin at 6:30, and the show will begin at 7:00. We will provide the coffee, but if you want some sustenance to go along with your caffeine, bring a dessert to share.


WHEN: Friday, August 1st, 7:00 PM-9:00 PM (or so…)

WHERE: The Carriage Lane Fellowship Hall


Glenloch Games: Sweet Edition

If you thought Monday’s Golfcart Scavenger Hunt got you out of Glenloch Games this week, think again! In honor of the Sweet’s visit Wednesday through Sunday, we’ll be playing at their old (our current) stomping grounds this Friday. It will be just like a normal Glenloch Games; meet at 10:00 at Glenloch Park and we’ll play ultimate, gatorball, capture the flag, et c. before closing with lunch at Chick-fil-a. Whether you have been around long enough to have the privilege of enjoying friendship with the Sweet family or even if you’ve never met them, come on out and enjoy some sweaty fellowship. See you there!      IMG_0063-XL

Movie Night in the Pool

What: Watching a movie in the pool

When: Today (Saturday 7/12)

Where: At the Raffensberger’s house 6:30-9:00

What to Bring:

  1. Modest bathing suit (guys and girls wear a tshirt)
  2. $2 for pizza
  3. Something to float on in the pool


Golf cart scavenger hunt

This super fun event is happening on Monday, July 21 at 10:00 am. Meet at the front parking lot of the PTC library (there are chargers there) for a fun scavenger hunt!! Obviously for this event to happen, we need golf carts, so please let us know if we can use yours (or if you know of anyone in the church who might let us use theirs). Also, please RSVP to ensure that there is a spot on the golf cart for you. Hope you can make it!!

More Rafting Info

Here is the important White water rafting flier if you did not get one in Sunday School-there is a section at the bottom with a space for a parent signature that we need for you to be able to go!


It is almost time for rafting! We need to know for sure by Wednesday, July 9 if you can go, and we also need your payment of $43. Rafting is Saturday, July 26 and we will need to meet at the church at about 6:30 am. Click on the link for the liability form. Let us know if you have any questions!

Service Project

Join us for our first service project at Southwest Christian Care this Friday, June 27! We will be doing some painting for them and possibly some work on their nature trail. We will also get the chance to meet some cool kids and hear about what God is doing at the hospice. For this project, please wear closed-toe shoes. We also need to know very soon if you can come to ensure that we have enough rides and so the people at the hospice can adequately prepare for our coming. The online sign-up will be posted ASAP. Thanks!

Movie Night

We know you’ve seen it! We know you love it! So come out to watch Star Ware, Episode IV: A New Hope at movie night this Monday at 6:00. We’ll be meeting at the Vender’s house which is a stone’s throw away from the church (if you’re, like, David, that is.) Hot dogs and popcorn will be served for dinner. Also, bring your favorite six pack of bottled soda (the old timey glass kind of bottle.) We’ll be wrapping up at around 9:00. Let me or Jamie know if you need a ride, and we can get you there most likely. (NOTE: I will only give you a ride if you send me avoicemail pleading, “Help me, Robert William Hertha. You’ve my only hope!”) See you there!star wars poster