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Sign up for Summer Missions

To Signup up for a summer mission trip, click the link below, fill out the form and click submit as soon as possible and no later than March 15th. First mandatory Missions Training is March 15 @ 8:30 am to discuss support raising.

Click Here to signup.

*By signing up you are communicating that, pending your approval from the youth committee, you fully plan and commit yourself to going on the trip you select. You should get approval from your parents before you signup.

Come Hear Pastor Santos Wednesday 7:30


Come one, come all! We have the pleasure of getting to hear from Pastor Santos. Ever been to Peru? Plan on going to Peru on a short term mission trip? Come hear from Pastor Santos in person.

After the Missions Dinner this Wednesday, everyone is invited to come to the Lighthouse @ 7:30 to hear about what the Lord is doing in Peru.

Youth, Parents, Adults…all are welcome to come hear from Pastor Santos.

Attention College Students

Interested in applying to be the Summer Intern? Email Chris at chrissewell@carriagelanepres.org for more information. Don’t delay, the interview process begins soon.

Peru Date and Passport

Thinking about going to Peru this summer? You need to check your passport.

  • Do you have a passport?
    • If not: you need to start that process ASAP
    • If you do: You need to check to make sure it doesn’t not expire within the year 2015. Go check it. Seriously. Right now. Why aren’t you checking?

Peru Dates: June 27th-July 4th.

Pre-Missions Exam This Sunday!

Pre-Missions training ends this Sunday (2/22/15) with the exam during Sunday School. To help students get ready for the exam we will have an exam review this Wednesday during Youth Group. Below is the Form with all the pre-missions requirements that we handed out at the first pre-missions class. Remember: completion of all requirements does not guarantee you for a summer mission trip. Your dgroup leader must recommend you before the youth committee. The youth committee will use the below guidelines for recommendation. 

Youth who meet all of the following requirements:

  • Are believers and can give a credible testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Who are active participants in a Carriage Lane discipleship group. Discipleship leaders will recommend youth who desire to serve on a mission trip.
  • Whose reputation is in good standing.
  • Who attend the pre-missions class and complete all of its requirements.

Pre-Missions Goal

Goal: That Carriage Lane youth would be able to clearly articulate the Gospel.

  • God is Holy – who is God and what is His standard
  • Man is a sinner – our problem
  • Jesus saves – our solution – who is Jesus and what has He done for us
  • Faith – believing in Jesus as our Savior
  • Repentance – turning from sin and submitting to Jesus as our Lord


  • Read “A Guide To Christian living” John Calvin
  • We encourage parents to read and discuss this book as a family.
  • Note:  There is no charge for the book

Scripture Memorization

Have youth & leaders memorize the following eight verses, one per week.

  1. Rom 3:23,
  2. Rom 3:10,
  3. Rom 5:12, 
  4. Rom 6:23, 
  5. Rom 5:8, 
  6. Rom 10:9-10,13, 
  7. Rom 8:1
  • We encourage families to memorize these Scripture passages together


  • High School youth must read the book
  • Middle School youth may read the book or have it read to them
  • Youth must memorize selected Bible verses
  • Youth must be able to share/explain the Gospel to a Youth Leader assigned to them
  • Youth must be able to share/explain the Gospel  without using the words Holy, Sin, Repentance, Faith, etc.
  • Discipleship leaders recommend youth to the youth ministry for missions

Winter Retreat

Parents, here are the details for the winter retreat this weekend. Also, if you student needs to a Camp Westminster Liability release form (Required to go this weekend), CLICK HERE 

Carriage Lane Youth Winter Retreat 2015

February 6-8

How do I get there?:  

Meet at church no later than 7 p.m. on Friday, February 6th.  Youth Leaders will be carpooling students to Camp Westminster

2412 Lake Rockaway Rd.

Conyers, GA 30012-3431

*Make sure you have turned in your Westminster Camp Liability form,. You will NOT be allowed to leave the church without this form.

Where do my parents pick me up?:  

We will return as CLPC church service ends. Parents can pick students up at the Cove after church.

What to Bring:

JOY (Jesus 1st, Others 2nd, Yourself last) Attitude!

LEARN: Bible (Hard Copy), pen, highlighter, notebook 

FOOD:   snacks (if you want)

    **Eat dinner Friday night before you come!

SLEEP:  Twin Sheets and blanket or sleeping bag, pillow, PJs

CLEAN:  Towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush/ toothpaste (toiletries)

WEAR:   Clothes for Saturday and Sunday morning, jacket, jeans, tennis shoes, athletic clothing

**It will be COLD!!!!

*****If you want to ride horses, you need to wear boots****

SURVIVE:  Flashlight, medicine (if needed), sunglasses, camera

PLAY:     Board game, frisbee, football, ENO

What Not to Bring:

Tech: No phones, tablets, or ipods (Parents, contact Chris on his cell or the camp, if there is an emergency.)


Tobacco/ Drugs



Video games

Emergency Contact Information : See the CLYM Facebook group for cell numbers of leaders

Chris Sewell, Youth Pastor-

Alisha Sewell:

Jean Chamblee:

Ed Cotton

Westminster Camp: (770) 483-2225

Pre-Missions Training starting January 18

It’s that time of year! As we gear up for the summer mission trips, we begin our pre-missions training. Attendance and completion of the training is one of the requirements for all CLYM mission trips.
Not sure if you are going on a trip, come anyways as the training not only applies for missions but for all of life. Participation in this training is HIGHLY recommended for all youth.

So when is Pre-missions training?

Pre-missions will be four Sundays beginning Jan 18 and will finish Feb 15 (we will skip 2/8 due to the retreat). The meetings will be as one big group that and will meet from 3 pm-5pm. We will have a couple where we break up after lesson into smaller dgroups to discuss.
Week 1: Jan 18
Week 2 Jan 25
Week 3: Feb 1
Week 4: Feb 15

What are the summer mission trips?

Cherokee and Peru are the summer trips this year
Cherokee Date:
The last week in June
High School Peru Trip dates:
We haven’t finalized these, but it will be one of the two dates below:
1. The last week in June (same week as Cherokee)
1. The first week in July

Winter Retreat Signup

Winter Retreat

Our Winter Retreat this year is February 6-8.
Our Topic this year is Union with Christ and our guest speaker is Rev. Michael Dixon.
The retreat will be at Westminster Camp in Atlanta and we will be joining Westminster’s youth group.
More details will be forthcoming.
The deadline to sign up (includes paying) is Wednesday, January 21st.
If you are going as a Leader, please still fill out the online form.
Parents, we will need drivers and leaders, so if you are interested in going and helping, please talk to Chris and fill out the form.
If you have multiple youth going, please fill out a separate form for each participant.
Cost is $65. Please make checks out to Carriage Lane Church and put them in Chris’ Box in the church office.
SIGNUPS (this form and money) DUE Wednesday, January 21st.

Click Here to Signup