Adult Sunday School

Equipping DisciplesThere’s a Place for You in Sunday School!  Beginning 9:30AM 

Winter 2017 (December 3 to February 25) 




Here is a brief description of our Fall quarter class offerings.

Revelation: Consummation of the Covenants.  Revelation is arguably the most tantalizing yet misunderstood book in the Bible.  Views abound as to how to best interpret the highly symbolic, apocalyptic language of the book.  But the answer is in the very title and first words of the book, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”.  All of the covenants, prophecies and promises of the Bible find their fulfillment in Him.  What God’s word says of the Messiah of God is the key to properly interpreting this fascinating book.  Join us in this year-long study that builds upon and completes the earlier class “Of Kingdoms and Covenants”.  This class is co-taught by Pastor Chris Sewell and Bob Abernathy, and meets in the Fellowship Hall (not downstairs).

Communion and Consummation in the Psalms.  This course will provide an introduction to how the book of Psalms is organized, and will help you recognize various groupings of Psalms.  It will also help in identifying themes in the Psalter that progress to the ends God desires in our lives. At the end of this course we will see that the Psalter is not a random collection of individual works but a unified reflection of the communion that God’s people have with Him and one another as He leads us to the consummation of His great ends for us in Jesus Christ.  The class will be taught by Myron Ivey, an ordained PCA pastor, missionary and graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary.  The class will meet downstairs at 9:30 in Room 103.

YFF/Galatians.  The Young Family Fellowship continues their study of Galatians.  The YFF welcomes all ages, but aims to serve our younger congregants, including singles, and couples with or without children.  The class has more of a small group feel, and in fact aims to serve as a small group on Sunday morning.  There is class time dedicated every week to sharing, prayer, fellowship, and just getting to know one another.  The men have opportunities to teach some of the lessons in a supportive environment.  For more information, please contact Michael Pope, Sid Warren or Norm Dunkin.  They meet in Room 141.