Inquirers Class

People Talking NarthexCommitment to the body of Christ through active membership in a local church is very important for individuals and families to grow in God’s grace under His shepherding care. Finding the right church home can be a complicated task with all the choices one has today. Some of the most important factors in choosing a church include: what it believes about the Bible and the gospel, what it believes about worship, how it is organized and led, the quality of its worship, preaching, teaching, fellowship, and outreach.
An Inquirers’ Class is led by Pastor Griffith four times a year during the 9:30AM Sunday School hour. This class consists of six sessions and is for those interested in learning more about Carriage Lane. You will not be pressured to become a member after attending the class, but attendance is required if you wish to become a member. The class touches upon the following questions:
• How is this church different than other churches? What is its unique ministry philosophy?
• What does this church believe about the Bible, God, the Christian life, and worship?
• What is the organizational structure of this church and how is it led? How is this supported by Scripture?
• Why does this church belong to a denomination and what does it believe?
• How can people get involved in ministry?
• How does this church hope to impact the community and the world?
These and other questions are answered in our Inquirers Class. If you would like to attend the next series of classes, please contact the church office at (770-631-4618) or click here to email.